Whilst it isn’t quite business as usual here (or anywhere else) we are still offering a full range of direct delivery services during the Coronavirus emergency. Vehicle availability is good across our fleet and response times are short. We are working hard to support those clients that have experienced a boost in demand for their products and we are actively encouraging new clients to contact us if they need additional logistics support.

For shipments of products directly related to the Covid 19 response we are offering not-for-profit, cost-only transport rates. To discuss this, or any other aspect of what we do, please contact Edd Cunliffe (edward.cunliffe@acesamedaycouriers.com) or Chris Scothern (chris.scothern@acesamedaycouriers.com).

We are available 24/7 on our usual numbers and we have contingency plans in place to deal with most eventualities. We have taken many steps, and introduced various protocols, to protect the health and wellbeing of our office staff, mechanics and couriers and will continue to keep the situation under review.

Stringent cleaning regimes have been introduced in our offices and our couriers have been equipped with more materials to keep their vehicle interiors clean. We are keeping all staff members informed about the ever-changing situation and offering whatever support we can to reassure them and help them find a way through the coming weeks. Those of us that can work from home are doing so and service levels remain high.

The social and commercial landscape has seen tremendous upheaval in recent days and we’re all striving to adapt to a rapidly evolving situation. These are unprecedented, uncertain times for us all.  As a business we are well organised to deal with the challenges ahead and we will offer whatever support we can to our existing clients and companies that may need our services for the first time.

We sincerely hope that all our clients, suppliers and our many partners survive the turbulent times ahead and enjoy the better days that lie beyond. Stay safe.

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