Because we offer a flexible and secure delivery service we often get asked to move unusual and interesting things. So when a customer recently booked a van to take a life-size Great White shark and sea turtle to Swindon it was nothing to make our jaws drop. The fish/amphibian twosome were destined startle golfers on a new adventure golf course.

We were also privileged to have Pepper the Robot in the back of one of our vans recently – we gave him a lift to Amsterdam where he was attending a conference. You may recall that Pepper, who is resident robot at Middlesex University, spoke to MPs in October about the future of Artificial Intelligence in education.

Although it’s always interesting when we get slightly unconventional requests, it does underline why clients choose to use our service. Imagine trying to send a great white shark through an overnight parcel network? And what price the knowledge that your very expensive robot will be delivered to the right person in a huge international convention centre? Our couriers don’t simply drop and go, they take time to ensure that delivery instructions are followed and goods get to where they should be. We deliver many things for our clients but perhaps the most important is peace of mind.

Unusual deliveries

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