The fleet graphic below shows our range of vehicles with their internal dimensions and payloads. Specifications do vary between different vehicles within the same category so these measurements should be used as a guide only. If you need any help or advice, please give us a call.

Small Van

Payload: 350kg
Length: 150cm
Height: 115cm
Width: 110cm
Pallet Capacity: 1 std

Short Wheel Base Van (2m)

Payload: 1000kg
Length: 220cm
Height: 125cm
Width: 130cm
Pallet Capacity: 2 std

Long Wheel Base Van (3m)

Payload: 1350kg
Length: 330cm
Height: 175cm
Width: 130cm
Pallet Capacity: 3 std

Extra Long Wheel Base Van (4m)

Payload: 1050kg
Length: 410cm
Height: 175cm
Width: 130cm
Pallet Capacity: 4 std

Luton Van (tail-lift)

Payload: 970kg
Length: 408cm
Height: 195cm
Width: 198cm
Tail-lift max load: 500kg
Pallet Capacity: 4 std

7.5 Tonne (tail-lift)

Payload: 2200 – 2400kg
Length: 600cm
Height: 220-245cm
Width: 245cm
Tail-lift max load: 1000kg
Pallet Capacity:  10-12 std

18 Tonne (tail-lift)

Payload: 9000kg
Length: 820cm
Height: 245cm
Width: 240cm

Tail-lift max load 1500kg
Pallet Capacity: 16std

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