When a client from the automotive industry came to us with a top secret project we were delighted to help. We were tasked with providing two 7.5 tonne trucks for several days to shuttle multiple car body shells from the manufacturer to a packing company, to be crated up for onward flights to Japan. The car bodies were prototypes of a new model so absolute discretion was required of us by our client; we were to take special care not to let unauthorised people see or photograph the items. More importantly, there could be absolutely no marks whatsoever left on the body shells from transit which made strapping them into the trucks a painstaking process. Even the slightest scuff from a strap or a scratch from a misplaced ratchet would have meant returning the shells to the factory for reworking, missing the flight and our client incurring huge cost. We used two of our longest-serving and most experienced drivers to carry out the project and they delivered every single body in perfect condition. Once crated, we transported the new models to Heathrow airport for transit to Tokyo where they were approved for production and worldwide distribution.

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