Our client is a multi-billion pound global company that has fluctuating and unpredictable requirements for logistical support.  Operating around the clock, it requires us to provide contingency transport solutions in the form of on-call vans and trucks available at extremely short notice on a nightly basis. Failure to provide the right vehicles at the right time can result in expensive and damaging service failures.

Our client’s challenge is that the overnight parcel delivery industry is an unpredictable operational environment – freight volumes fluctuate on a night by night basis.  International freight is flown into East Midlands airport each night to be sorted for onward distribution to local delivery depots but precise vehicle requirements are not confirmed until the aircraft has been unloaded. High freight volumes or late arriving planes inevitably mean that extra ACE Sameday vehicles have to be called in at extremely short notice. So our client needs a reliable and responsive local transport provider. To meet its requirements we put in place a flexible and reliable solution that ensures nightly availability of an agreed number of extra-long wheel base vans and 7.5 tonne trucks. These vehicles have to comply with a given specification and be able to get to site within a maximum 60 minutes of a call. In addition to these vehicles we provide extra resource to cover predicted spikes in freight volumes at certain times of year or on specific days. All vehicles are required to be security sealed and are expected to meet very tightly specified transit times. Our flexibility and willingness to work closely with our client to develop innovative, workable solutions has cemented a long-standing relationship.

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