A series of deliveries that we carried out for a client perfectly illustrates why using a reputable sameday courier is worth paying a premium for.

Our client offers call centre solutions to major companies and planned an unusual marketing campaign which involved, among other things, sending cakes in the shape of telephones to key people within their target organisations.

To ensure the effectiveness of this part of the campaign they needed to get the cakes to the right people and in one piece; delivering something resembling the remains of a children’s party would have completely undermined our client’s message and reflected badly on both parties.

Delivering the cakes in one piece was the easy part of the job. That’s the beauty of a dedicated delivery – we can ensure the safety of all the goods in our care. What was more challenging was getting the cakes to their intended recipients. Senior executives in huge companies do not generally take deliveries but we managed to get 20 of the 23 cakes to either the named executive or to his/her PA. (The others had to go through security channels).

Our client was delighted because what we had delivered in reality was their marketing campaign and their reputation. How easy was it? A piece of ……!

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